Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona

Tonight we had a wonderful evening with a couple of friends. Thanks to my friend Lynn we were able to go to the Arkley Center for the Performing Arts to experience the Guitar Orchestra of Barcelona. This was night two of their first American Tour. I didn't really know what to expect. First Mr. Scottie Dog, Lynn and our friend Katie had dinner......I had the salmon. Yum, yum is all I can say. Then off to the Arkley Center....the old Richard Sweasy Theatre that Rob & Cheri Arkley refurbished into the beautiful venue for Eureka's cultural events. Here's a picture of the restored front.
And here's a great shot of the fantastic mural on the back of the amazes me every time I see it as it really looks as if the sky is showing through the arch.

Here's a shot of the Orchestra led by Sergi Vincente. This evening's program was entirely of Spanish music (from 1640 on). Some of the guitars seemed to be used like a mandolin, other times the strings were slack. They picked with their fingers mostly, occasionally using a pick, and sometimes fingernails tapped on the sides, thumbs thumped, sounding like an entire orchestra.

Imagine our surprise on the fourth number when two beautiful flamenco dancers came out. I never knew you could do what they did with their castanets. At times the dancers were mere props for the Orchestra, other times the guitars were just props for the dancers. It all flowed in and out. I wish I knew more about music. But I loved it! Music that stirred my heart and kept my feet tapping. Classical Spanish music. Who knew?
Sadly they only played one encore, I could have listened for a much longer time. As we left the theatre we had a chance to greet Sergi and many of the players. Thanks Lynn for the tickets and Katie for a wonderful evening. I feel cultured. If you have a chance to hear them I encourage you to go.


Carol said...

Thanks for the music. I must find their schedule. Would love to take my self-taught "metal" guitarist grandson.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

I love flamenco music - I think I would have loved this!!! Glad you guys got to experience such a wonderful night!!!

TnT said...

beautiful pictures Brenda!