Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today is .....let's see, November 12. November 1, I woke up sick. Been sick for 12 days now. Bad sick...not swine flu but whatever animal/bird/insect/plant flu I've had is now severe bronchitis. Beka and the kids arrived on the 1st. Poor Grandma under the weather all this time.

I am getting better. SLOWLY, but better. Thanks for the emails. I WILL return.


katie said...

She lives! She blogs! She's baaaack!
We missed you Brenda Lou! Take it easy until you feel all better, we don't want you to do too much and end up sick again.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that you have been so sick. Take care of yourself. Missing your smiling face. We do miss you.

Christine Thomas said...

So sorry to hear how bad this illness has been. And your poor family, too. They have not been able to enjoy your presence either.

jen duncan said...

Poor Brenda! That's terrible that it happened when your kids were in town. I hope this will be the last illness for the season! See you soon.