Friday, October 1, 2010

It's Fall!

In the rush of our store's Grand Opening/name change/remodel it didn't really sink in that just a couple of weeks later I would be halfway across the country where Autumn is actually a real season! On Tuesday I flew from Eureka to San Francisco to Denver to Minneapolis. It was a tad warmer in MN than in Eureka, but not much. I understand it's been an early Fall. The trees are turning and today Sadies and I saw two little chickadees on the patio table. We got some bread crumbs and will try to get an actual photo later today. In the meantime, here's a pic from the internet:
Such cute little things.

I'm here taking care of the kidlinks. Jakob is quite the little man with a schedule! My first day "sitting" he went to Awana, a kids' ministry. Jakob is a "Cubbie" or pre-school member. He proudly wore his vest and off he went with Laura, a friend of Beka's and mom to two other Cubbies. Sadies and I fixed our own dinner treat....a tea party

Jakob has also gone to his Montessori PreSchool at Bethany College. Check out the link for pictures of Jakob, Miss Grace and the gang. When I dropped him off yesterday they were studying Family Trees and Miss Grace asked if I would talk about Jakob's birth, any birthdays and the like. When I told them that Jakob's parents were missionaries in Ukraine and Grandma & Grandpa flew in an airplane to help celebrate his first birthday there were several oohs and ahhs..."missionaries!" they said under their breath. They were impressed.

Today there is a picnic and preschool will last until 2:30 so Sadies and I took the long way home so we could get some pics of the stunning Fall leaves! We stopped at the store and bought some mini pumpkins and gourds! Fall is here.

Yellow leaves!

Red trees!


I like the mix of orange, yellow and the green grass. Not a cloud in the sky right now but they say we may have rain this afternoon.

Last night I made meatloaf. Sadies declared she "LOVED!" meatballs. I said, "meatloaf." She said, "I told you I LOVE your meatballs, Grandma." Meatballs, meatloaf...doesn't matter what you call it I still think the best part is meatloaf sandwiches the next day.

I heard from Mom and Dad and they are having a wonderful time, tonight are the bachelor and bachelorette parties, tomorrow rehearsal dinner and Sat. is the wedding. Meanwhile, the kids and I are doing fine!


Carol E. said...

GREAT fall colors pictures! My fave is the last one.

Christine Thresh said...

The fall trees pictures are really good. It is hard to capture the amazing colors -- you did it!

Pattilou said...

Beautiful fall pictures. I've missed the fall colors in the mountains here, but soon, we'll be having leaf changes in the valleys. A wonderful time of year. Crisp cool mornings and evenings and beautiful sunny afternoons.

Stephanie said...

totally awesome what God does with nature and the natures of Grandma's!