Friday, October 22, 2010

We've been to "school"

On Tuesday our fabulous Pfaff educator, Vanessa came to town and spent a day and a half training us and our staff on how to demonstrate and sell our sewing machines. She took our motley staff (note that I'm including Liz and I in this group) and taught us so much about our Pfaff sewing machines that I'm surprised our heads did not explode! She taught us a few things about selling too.

Number 1: SMILE.

Geri and Liz demonstrate this. (Be sure to notice that our Quilt Expression models all have this fabulous 9 1/2" neck for quilting!)

Judy and Katie listen attentively to Vanessa's instruction. We learned how to use lots of different feet for our machines, wonderful stitches and lots of to make cording for example.
Or sew hems on'd be so surprised how easily these machines could put new hems in your jeans...easy as pie.Oh and how to do a blind hem (need a skirt or pants hemmed?) in a nano second (or there-abouts...perhaps I exaggerate just a tad).
Here Geri is making a rolled hem.

Look at Liz smile...."Look Ma, I made a buttonhole!" These are the first buttonholes she's ever made. She's ready to tackle a garment now!

We all got a turn on the Grand Quilter. That stitch regulator certainly helps everyone to be a pro at free motion!
Thanks again, Vanessa for coming to Redwood Sewing Center. See you at Quilt Market next week.

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Beka and Jason Haché said...

I so want one! They sounds amazing!!!