Friday, November 11, 2011

Home again, Home again...Jiggity Jig

I'm home from Minnesota. Six weeks of playing with the grandbabies, hugging my newest grand: Anastacia Hope and helping out Beka & Jason. I got to go to Classical Converstions each week with Jakob. He is home schooled but once a week he joins a large group of kids for Classical Instruction. Then for the rest of the week he learns with Mom at home. At 5 he's learning science, reading (he reads EVERYTHING!), art, Latin, English grammar, history and math. I was highly impressed with Classical Conversations as well as how Beka teaches at home. They also join a group twice a month for a PE class and another Science class.

We went to Emma Krumbees Apple Orchard when Anastacia was a week old.
For five days in the middle of my visit I met Liz in Houston for Quilt Market. We took classes, checked out the trends in fabrics and mingled with the famous. Liz didn't know who Ty Pennington was, but I did!He was quite charming! Then walking down the aisle was someone even more famous than Ty!My grands were more impressed with the cat! But I brought home something from Quilt Market this time Just For Me. I haven't really done that before, but Blue Hill had fat quarter bundles of their Civil War prints. Ten (yes, 10!) bundles came home with me.

And I'm now home and Mr. Scottie Dog is glad I am!

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