Monday, November 28, 2011

What's on My Design Wall?

What's on my design wall? I've been making these 9" string blocks for quite some time, beginning in August before I left for my Minnesota jaunt. I had made 70 of them and last week I began to put them together in a 7 across and 10 down setting. They are 100% scraps excepting the black. I've also made a ton of 6 inch "crumb" blocks that I'll use on each side of the quilt. Working on how that will set now. Show you next week.You find the cutest things on FaceBook! Beka posted a picture tonight of Anastacia sitting in her Bumbo chair (super supportive foam chair that supports an infant in this position) while she go dinner. Isn't she darling? Just starting to smile. I thought I wouldn't see her in person until April or May but maybe much sooner......I might have some news tomorrow.And last here's a photo of my dinner.Yup! Mr. Dungeness Crab came to dinner. Thanks to a friend who gave us a bag of two huge cooked crabs after church. Yum, yum. I ate him on a small bed of brown rice noodles with garlic and sharp cheddar.

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I must confess I have a weakness for quilting and design, probably because my father was away a lot during W.W.II.

I used to watch my mother doing quilts. Heh.