Friday, October 21, 2011

Our newest family member

 I've got a few new pictures of our newest family member.  Anastacia Hope is now 15 days old.  Hard to believe she hasn't always been with us.  Isn't she beautiful?  I think she looks a lot like Mercedes did when she was born.
Grammy LOVES to hold her newest one.

I think this one with all the grands is so cute.  Shiloh 20 months, Anastacia 1 day, Jakob 5 1/2, Mercedes 3 1/2.

Today I'm going to take the older ones for a long walk around Featherstone Lake while Mom, baby & Shiloh nap.  It's gotten quite chilly here in MN.  Definitely Fall with a hint of Winter in the air.


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Tanya said...

Such a cute picture of the grandchildren! I bet that will get on someone's Christmas card this year!