Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hanging with the Grands.

It's Saturday night and the grand kids are watching a VeggieTales movie and Beka & Jason have gone to a movie...Courageous. It has gotten fantastic reviews. I'm glad they can get out for a last chance date night before baby #4 (a new granddaughter) arrives next Thursday (or before).
What have I done since I arrived late Wed. night? Gone to school with Jakob (he's home schooled with a once-a-week gathering/teaching day on Thursdays), taken a long, long nap on Thursday afternoon! Gone shopping and found a new purse for a song (40% off reg. price and then 35% off entire purchase), I do love a bargain! I've red stories, put together jigsaw puzzles, cooked dinners, told bedtime stories and so much more. Today we went to a baby shower. It's all been wonderful. Just what I needed. Catch you up later.

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