Friday, October 7, 2011

She's Here!

I came to Minnesota on September 29 to help my baby daughter Beka in the last days of her pregnancy. I got to go along on the very busy lives of a young family with three active children. Jakob is 5 1/2. He is all boy, running, jumping, reading everything he can get his hands on, learning Latin verbs, bones and muscular systems of the body and the capitals of the Eastern Seaboard States. Mercedes is 3 1/2 with sparkling eyes, a ready smile, a love for song and dance and curiosity about everything. Shiloh is 20 months old with a smile that is contagious. She shares a joy with everyone she meets. The were happy to see Grammy and spend time with me.

Yesterday Beka labored hard. She danced a labor-of-love dance on her feet, swaying with the forces within her body to birth her child. Jason, my son-in-law danced and supported Beka with tenderness and a depth of love throughout the afternoon and into the early evening. It is a most beautiful dance, lyrical and spiritual. In most labors there is a time when it seems as if it will never end, the pains will continue to crest like waves on a rugged coastal beach. That is a good sign...when you want to give up, labor (actually Labor with a capital L) is nearly over. The end is near, the prize nearly there. The midwives were pleased with how it was all going. After several gut-wrenching pushes my baby girl gave birth to her newest baby girl. Anastacia Hope Hache was born Thursday, October 6, 6:50 pm. 8 lbs. 13 oz and 21" long.Anastacia is a beautiful, snugly bundle of joy. She entered the world with a lusty cry and snorts and sniffles due to all the vernix on her body. She was covered with the stuff. A few splotches on her face, an ear plastered to her head and limbs that wouldn't straighten out right away due to her previous cramped quarters. After weighing, the nurse handed her to Daddy. He snuggled her, kissed her head and then handled her over to me....Grammy. Oh, how sweet she smelled. She molded right to my arms, opened an eye, sighed and went back to sleep. Delightful little lips, a tiny nose (the same nose I have, my mother had and my grandma Pontious had) and dark hair with an undertone of sandy blond. Reminds me of her brother Jakob's hair at birth.

I came back home so I could take care of the grands asleep at home with a sitter. In the morning I told them of the new baby sister and we ate breakfast, dressed and took off for the hospital. Lots of photos taken, big brother and big sisters all had a turn holding Anastacia and then were kept busy with snacks and a movie Mom had brought from home. Beka fed the baby and then Grammy got another snuggle. Today her color was smoothly perfectly pink, her head had come back to normal (it's a tight squeeze coming down the birth canal!) and she was, of course, the most beautiful baby in the world. We're keeping her....she's ours. I wish my mom had lived to see her great-grandchildren. My dad passed the evening Shiloh was born. The generations are marching on. As they should. I'm happy to be here for another few weeks. Thanks to my sweet hubby, Mr. Scottie Dog for allowing me this time and thanks to my daughter Liz who is keeping our store open while I am away.


Carol E. said...

How touching. It's wonderful that you got to be there. Can't wait to see more photos.

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Congratulations! A lovely story of birth.