Thursday, October 20, 2011

Eureka! We have Sourdough!

Just before I left for Minnesota in late September I saw a post on Facebook about making your own Sourdough Starter.  I had a wonderful starter my good friend, Cathy Pierson had given to me but while I was away for more than a month it grew some very disgusting black, hairy mold on the top.  It didn't smell yeasty any smelled, well....spoiled.  It was hard to throw it out, but I did.  I knew at the time that Cathy would give me another start (she's so generous) but I never got around to it.
Then I saw the post and it sent me to this blog.   The recipe is there so I won't repeat it here.
First you mix pineapple juice with whole wheat flour in a jar and leave it on the counter.  After a couple of days it looks like this!

You follow the directions, feeding the starter, dividing, feeding some more. Finally at the end of a week or so it will rise up and fill your entire jar....sometimes overflowing the jar!  It was warm in MN the first part of October so our starter was ready in just 5 days but it could take up to 8 or 9 days to be perfect.

Once your starter is ready you just need to use it (or feed it) at least once every two weeks and that isn't hard at all.  The Internet is full of recipes for Sourdough bread, rolls, pancakes, English muffins, pizza dough and more.

 The longer you let your bread "sponge" sit, the more sour it will be!

This morning I made the grands pancakes.  Yum!  When I get home I'm going to make myself another starter.

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