Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quilt Show

Last weekend we were vendors at the Crescent City, CA Lighthouse Quilt Guild's annual quilt show. We (BrendaLou, Liz, Mr. Scottie Dog & Sydney---along with our super friend, Bev Harrison) arrived on Friday about 1 pm to begin set-up. Our booth was a double, so we had a 20' X 10' space. Oops--they didn't tell us that there would be a wall column support that stuck out almost 1 foot from the wall. Our floor plan with the provided 8' tables wouldn't work...the story when vending is always: improvise, improvise, improvise.

Bill sets up a frame that provides us with wonderful lighting and electrical for the register.

Liz is the stylist...she has a wonderful gift for hanging the sample quilts and how each table is set up. What most people don't realize is that we always bring twice as much merchandise as we can possibly sell. This is so that our booth never ever looks picked over. The show attendee at 3 pm on Sunday has the same selection as those who were waiting on Saturday for 1/2 hour before the show opened!

For this show our booth was colorful and had lots of Fall and Holiday samples, kits & fabrics.

Sydney travels with us when we go to quilt shows and she needs a special place. So the front table next to the cash register becomes "Syd's Cave." It has a quilt, a bag full of books and toys and not visible in this picture a DVD player. At one point
there was a little girl in the booth. Sydney whispered in Liz's ear, "Mama, can that girl come to my house to play?"
Many thanks to all the wonderful quilting friends who visited our booth! We had a great time.

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The Hachés said...

Jakob wants to play in Syd's cave!

-Auntie Beka