Friday, August 22, 2008

A Night to Remember.....

Tuesday night Liz and I hurried up the closing of the store....we had plans.... a place to be....The 3rd Tuesday of each month Mr. Scottie Dog plays with the Humboldt Accordionaires. That night at Swiss Hall in Loleta, CA there were 12 accordion players, male & female, young (13th b-day celebrated that night) & old (OK--I'm not touching that one with a ten foot pole!), and one guitar player. There's not a lot of structure...they just sit down and someone calls out a song, they turn in their music books and they play. It's that simple. People bring snacks to share. About 100 people come each month to listen, dance, clap, hoot & holler and one guy even did a bit of yodeling.
I danced with Sydney a few times and then a boy named Caleb danced with the two of us. Pretty soon they were dancing every dance. For a 3 1/2 year old, such attention from an older man (7 years old) is such a wonderful thing. They did the polka, the two-step and more. We all did the Chicken Dance and promenaded around the hall with parasols to "The Saints Go Marching In."

Then in SHE came. An older, more mature woman....probably 11 years old. What chance did Sydney have against the promise of a partner who could (and did!) lift Caleb off the ground....a woman with boobies....Sydney won't wear a bra for a few years yet! This gal had everything going for her. Sydney couldn't figure out why Caleb wouldn't dance with her.....she was perplexed and then sad.

Finally, one of the most important men in her life (2nd only to Daddy, of course!) took a break and asked her to dance! The evening ended on a high note as Caleb asked Sydney to dance once more. She left to dream of her first beau...... We all had fun and will be back next month.

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