Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lighthouse Quilt Guild

Crescent City's Lighthouse Quilt Guild has a project making quilts for wounded US soldiers. I was so taken by how they offered each and every attendee of their quilt show an opportunity to help. The sign at the left tells it all.

One of my regular customers told how her husband and her son (a Marine wounded in Iraq) made their total silence. Brigette's son had received such a quilt in intensive care in Germany!

First you pick up a flannel board marked with a 3X3 grid. Then, from the thousands of choices of 3 1/2" squares on three 8' tables you pick your squares.

Next you arrange the squares as you wish. These two munchkins were doing a great job.

Then you put your flannel board on the table for one of the member sewers to do their magic on their sewing machines. These ladies were so diligent and modest.

Sydney loved making the blocks. She made nine over the course of the weekend. The sewing ladies were so sweet to encourage her. She was happy to make a quilt "to keep the sojers warm."

Here is just a small portion of the blocks on a very, very long design wall. One lady took 20 blocks home to sew a quilt on Saturday night.

Lighthouse Quilt Guild members, I salute you! You humble me with your dedication to our Nation's Armed Forces. God bless you and God bless and keep our troops from harm.

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Lindah said...

What a neat project! Involving the community is such a great idea.