Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Parade for Miss Liberty!

Last Wednesday Mr. Scottie Dog received a message on the answer machine. "Could you play in the Fortuna Rodeo Parade on Saturday? Oh, and we'd love to see little Miss Liberty waving her flag too."

I heard the message first....I noticed right off that they didn't ask for ME to ride on the float!!! Perhaps they thought this would be understood, I don't know.

In any event, I was occupied on Saturday in our vending booth at the REQG Quilt show. Mr. Scottie Dog said he'd be glad to play his accordion AND take Sydney along. Sydney wore her "Miss Liberty" dress again, waved her flag and her hand. Several people have told me they saw her. She was patient while they set up the float and waved for the entire hour on the parade route.

Afterwards Grandpa treated Sydney to McDonald's. I heard she played at the playground and ate 2 french fries....She showed up at the quilt show around 3 pm, tired, but full of pride....."Gwandma, do you think they'll ask me for another parade soon?"


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jen duncan said...

LOL--she's been heading for Miss Congeniality since the day she was born! Way to go Sydney!