Friday, July 31, 2009

Practice Tea

Today my good friend Judy and I too two very special ladies to Tea. I took Miss Sydney and Judy took her niece Mikalyn (I'm sure I' have spelled that wrong....sorry!). We went to The Mad Hatter's Tea Party in downtown Eureka. Here's Judy with her cup of "White Tea." I'd never heard of white tea but she gave me a sample and it was very nice.

Mikalyn had ice water and took pictures too. You can see part of the menu board....we had three kinds of tiny sandwiches: Chicken, egg and salmon. They were really, really good.

Grandma had Black Currant infused black tea and it was nice too. Sydney had iced tea and she drank it from her cup and saucer, pinkie properly extended. She loved stirring it with her tiny spoon provided just for that. We also got scones and tried a "Little Jarusski." It was a little fruit dumpling with custard, cherries and banana. Yum, yum.

I think Sydney enjoyed buttering her scone the best....I'm not sure she'd ever been trusted with a knife before.

Such concentration!

Good to the last crumb! Sydney behaved herself (and so did the rest of us!). Conversation was good, friends were great! All ready for High Tea at the Empress Hotel!
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Jamie said...

It looks like you all had a blast.