Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quilt Vendor

I've been remiss in posting about the Redwood Empire Quilt Show a couple of weeks past. Since opening Scottie Dog Quilts eight years ago we now look at the show from the eyes of a Quilt Show Vendor. As a vendor you are allowed entry to the building at noon the day before the show begins. You are greeted by and empty space marked out on the floor by tape with a table and two chairs. First picture shows our ladder and lattice.

Here's Mr. Scottie Dog carrying in the cash register. You can see the nearly empty hall. There is so much work to setting up a booth...scurrying here and there, toting bin after bin of goods, samples and fabrics.

Here's a couple of shots of the finished booth. It takes a lot of time to get the samples hung, the baskets filled and the signs attached.

This is our newly finished BOM (Block of the Month), Humboldt County: Where the Redwoods Meet the Sea.
We'll be offering this BOM as a kit with all the fabrics for only $12.99/mo. plus shipping for 12 months.
Or if you want to choose your own fabrics, the pattern is also available. Just email or call us for details. We'll get it up on the website by mid August.

Below is my personal favorite quilt from the REQG show. Called Family Memories, it was made by my daughters....Liz did the sewing & quilting and Beka did the photos. They gave it to us last year for our anniversary. Thanks to Jen Duncan since I stole this picture off her blog!
Then one week after the Guild Show we had a booth at the Arcata Snip & Stitch Craft Extravaganza. Liz was camping with her bestest buddies so Mr. Scottie Dog and I set up by ourselves.
Everyone was required to use a tent canopy and our friend Sue loaned us hers. Wow, I never knew they were so easy to put up. I probably could have done it by myself, but I'm so glad Mr. Scottie Dog was there tho help. He's such a great supporter of Scottie Dog Quilts!
He hung the samples, got the cash register set up and more. The day went well and take down was quick
So that's the life of a Quilt Show Vendor.


Christine Thomas said...

I like reading your posts on these events. I sure wish I could have attended with Kevin and Laura Sutter.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

I'm having so much fun with my Humboldt Co Quilt!!! I can't wait to finish it!

Tanya said...

Your Family memories quilt is such a work of art! I've seen photograph quilts before but this is the absolute best! What wonderful daughters for making this for you!