Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crafty Mama!

Wow! you have got to check out a new blog....Crafty Mama is written by a young gal with panache and style (actually I think panache means Style, so I guess that's redundant!). You can check out Crafty Mama here.

NOTE: I just looked up the word "panache" and Webster's defines it as "flamboyance of style." Yup, that's Larissa!

Tonight Liz and I had dinner with a couple of friends (one of them Crafty Mama aka Larissa) and she brought her new creation...this lovely clutch purse! The pleated bag with a curved yolk and sweet birdie applique. I also liked the handle, it's a nice touch.

In my business I see a lot of talent and lately I'm seeing so many talented younger women. Stay-at-home moms, working moms, single women in their twenties and thirties and I am so blown away with their creativity, resourcefulness, imagination and the fact that they are also fun! Perhaps it's a sign that I have truly hit middle age (I can't believe I actually said that!), but I am tickled that so many of them gather at the store and I am privileged to see their work.

Congrats Larissa on a blog well done!


liz scott adams said...

She is one happenin' mama!

jen duncan said...

What a great blog! LOVE that new quilt of hers. Thanks for the heads up Brenda!

Tanya said...

Such a nice clutch purse! Yes, there are a whole lot of young people with a lot of creativity in them but I think this generation just doesn't have the time to nurture it. That may have been true in my younger days too. Kids to chauffer, PTA and sports. And good causes to work for where I added handwork but not a lot of creativity. Good for your young friend!