Sunday, August 2, 2009

The amazingly talented Jen Duncan

Don't you just love this adorable ABC Quilt? Want to make one? My friend, Jen Duncan has a tutorial on Moda Bakeshop for this darling quilt. I absolutely LOVE the scalloped boarder and Jen's method brings it into the capabilities of anyone who can sew. I've never seen anything like it and I've been teaching quilting for 20+ years.

"OK", you say, "I'd love to make a quilt like that but I'm not doing the A-word (applique for those not initiated) and I'm NOT cutting out each and every stinking letter no matter how cute it is."

Well, ladies and is your lucky day because you, too, can get a set of pre-cut, fusible-already-on-the-back, Alphabet Letters from the lady herself! And for a very, very cheap price. I know, because I am the owner of such a set already! I'm making my granddaughter, Sadies a quilt with paper dolls & Alphabet letters.

Where do you get these letters? What colors can you get? Well, check out Jen's Etsy Store. They are surprisingly cheap (Jen, do you make anything on them?) and with the fusible already applied, all you have to do is press them to a background square, stitch by hand or machine and you are done. I bet if you wanted just the letters for a specific name, she'd do that too.

Jen is amazingly talented in so many ways. Check out her blog to see what I mean. Jen, you stretch my own creativity helping me to think outside my own tiny box! Thanks for being my friend.


Beka and Jason Haché said...

that is a super cute quilt!!!
I love the "IJ" block!

It would be so perfect for a little one's room, my kids love to recognize their letters!!

jen duncan said...

Hey there friend! You give me the nicest kudos and I really do appreciate you for that. I did sell quite a few letter sets as a result of the Moda post, but I've got plenty more if you'd like to sell some at the store! ;-)

Liz Scott Adams said...

I too, am the proud owner of a letter set from Jen! I can't wait to start my alphabet quilt, I love the way the quilt is square, even with 26 letters. Lovely, Jen!