Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What do you see aboard a cruise ship?

Scottie Dog Quilts Alaskan Quilting Cruise--Part IV

What do you see on a cruise ship? First night we found an elephant made out of towels on our bed. We had a "large, outside cabin." This meant we had a window...with curtains the steward closed every evening and we opened....night and day. After all...who could see us? In Skagway I awoke to seeing men's knees right at eye level 12 feet from our window! The dock was right on our level! By the time we disembarked after breakfast the tide had come in enough that we went off two floors above us! Our cabin was quite roomy for two people and we had an adjoining door (my back is to it) to Liz, Steve & Sydney's room.

What do you see on a cruise ship when you don't understand how to order from the room service menu (very confusing!). If you ask for 7 pieces of bacon from the "Country Breakfast" section, and 2 pieces of fruit and 3 assorted pastries and 2 cereals and milk, a cup of tea (Sydney was going to have breakfast in my room the first morning) this is what you get:
7 Country Breakfasts: Bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns & grilled tomato half
2 Large plates of assorted fruits
3 Large plates each with croissants, hard roll, apple turnover & cheese danish
2 bowls of cereal
2 cartons of milk
1 pot of tea

What do you see on a cruise ship on the way to dinner? Whales!

On a Cruise Ship you'll see pretty ladies in their beautiful clothes in the dining room. Here are Bev Harrison (one of our teachers) and Judy.

On OUR cruise ship we saw the glaciers of Tracy Arm Fjord. You can't believe how beautiful they are until you see them in person. The blue is incredible.

On a cruise ship you may see a rock climbing wall. On OUR cruise ship you can see Crystal coming down and Paula racing up to ring the bell. You did NOT see BrendaLou even attempting!

On a cruise ship you might see fantastic carved fruits.....display is everything. Here is but one of the CHOCOLATE sculptures for the midnight buffet. Mr. Scottie Dog and I stayed up long enough to get pictures but chose to go to bed rather than sample any of the chocolates...I hear they were scrumptious.

On a cruise ship you might just meet a princess posing with a pig made out of towels. Sort of sounds like a Fairy Tale, doesn't it......well it was!

And on a cruise ship you might see a couple relaxing on deck. Look quick, you won't find BrendaLou and Mr. Scottie Dog like this very often!


Stephanie said...

What a time...what a time we had...magical!!!

Anna Lena Land said...

I've heard fabulous things about your cruise. And seeing the "towel art" on your bed made me reminisce about our cruise together. But, my favorite photo is the one of you and Mr. Scott Dog lounging on the AQUA deck chairs!

Tanya said...

Looks like a fantastic time! What a chocolate masterpiece! And I love your relaxing pose. Ah... Someday I'd love to go! I can dream...