Monday, August 31, 2009

Block Swap

Don't you just love this quilt. The name of the block is Cracker Barrel (or Cracker in some books). Liz made up this little quilt with 48 six inch blocks.

Years ago I participated in several block swaps through the Internet. A group would decide to do a swap, choose a block, choose a color palate and each person would make as many "sets" of blocks as they wanted in return.

Set of Blocks: a set of blocks is 8 identical blocks, made of the same fabrics. (it is easier with strip piecing to make 8 identical blocks than it is to make 8 different ones).

The sets of blocks (I would usually do as many sets as allowed so I could get the maximum number of different fabrics in my quilt) are then sent to one person who "swaps" all the blocks out. This person is known as the Hostess. I always thought it was nice to send an extra block for the hostess or a Fat Quarter or a little gift for her trouble swapping the blocks.

When sending your blocks to the Hostess you would package each set in one zip lock bag with your name on it and "Set 1 of 8" or whatever. You would also include an envelope (the Priority Tyvek ones from the post office work the best) with RETURN POSTAGE on it. I would take in everything to the Post Office, ask the clerk to weigh it and I'd put the postage on the 2nd envelope right then. Also, you always put YOUR OWN ADDRESS in the return address space so if there were any snafus it made it's way back to you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the blocks I received in return. Some were made into one quilt, some blocks were incorporated into several quilts and a few are still waiting UFO's. It is fun to know that I have blocks made by quilters in Australia, South Africa, Jamaica, and every state of the Union. They have fabrics I've never seen in any of the quilt shops I shop in. And the variety of fabrics is amazing.

Would you like to participate in Scottie Dog Quilts 1930's Cracker Barrel Block Swap? Liz is hosting one and the blocks are due October 22. She'll swap them out and put them back in the mail Oct. 26. If you are local you can just bring them to the store by Oct. 22 and pick them up Oct. 26. You can make up to 10 sets of 8 blocks. If you want to participate you can email her for all the directions, patterns, etc. Or just come by the store, sign up and ask for your Swap Packet.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What kind of fabrics can I use?
A: Quilt Shop Quality 1930's reproduction fabrics with white-on-white background

Q: What if I don't like 1930's fabrics?
A: Then you can choose not to participate, you can join the swap and give the quilt away, you can wait until our next swap.

Q: How perfect do my blocks need to be?
A: The swap block pattern is for a 6" block. Unfinished this measures 6 1/2" square. Your block should be no more than 1/8th off. Any blocks not following the rules (1930's reproductions, white-on-white, size, etc) will be returned to sender.

Q: Where do I send the blocks?
A: When you sign up you'll get all the info on where, when, rules, etc.

Any more questions? Just email Liz.

Sounds like fun...I'm in!

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