Thursday, August 20, 2009

Iraqi Bundles of Love

Just taking a break today from our Alaskan Cruise.

I've come late to this project, but today is August 20....the bundles HAVE to be post marked by September 5. Get hopping!

What are Iraqi Bundles of Love? A soldier is getting ready to leave Iraq in September. He's been there long enough to have built up contacts who want to aid the creative women of this war-torn country. He's the son of a quilter and brother to several quilters. Do you have some blocks you don't want, 400 hexagons you cut out 6 years ago for a quilt and only sewed 3 together before you realized you hate sewing hexagons together. How about that 2 1/2 yards of dark green you bought for borders and realized it was too dark for your quilt....for any quilt. How about rickrack, ribbon, thread wound on 22 bobbins that won't fit into your current machine? Zippers, squares of fabric, home dec fabric, double knit fabrics.

These women would love to use any of it. If you email me I'll send you the APO address to send your boxes to.....they go to NY so if you fill a Flat Rate box it will only cost you $11.95.

On the Iraqi Bundles of Love website there are instructions on how to pack your box that is really cool. First, close and seal on end of the box. You take two pieces of ribbon and lay them with an X on the inside bottom of the box and then lay a large piece of fabric on top of that....with the fabric covering the inside of the whole box and draping over the sides. You then simply fill the box up with fabric & sewing goodies....even scissors, seam rippers, buttons, spools of thread, etc.....and then you fold over the top of the lining fabric and tie the ribbons into a bow. Thus a Bundle of Love.

I'm going to send a few. How about you?

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Denisehyeong said...

I saw this on one of my online quilting forums, glad you heard of it and are passing it on. xxx Denise