Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Toy Drop in Arcata

A couple of weeks ago I made a couple of new toys. This one is Eunice. She has a striped ribbon for a mouth and I raw-edge appliqued his eyes...part of a Moda fabric...I love the googlily look of Eunice. Doesn't she look like she enjoys a good joke?

As a member of The Toy Society I wrapped her up with a hand made card and a tag that says, "Take me home! I'm yours." I like to take some colorful fabrics and add them to the tags.

I put the bag in my car and waited for a good opportunity to leave my toy for a child to find. On Sunday, July 26 I was on the Arcata Plaza in Arcata, CA for a Crafts Faire so about 9:30 I walked about 15 feet from our booth and left "Eunice" on a bench. I took a picture, went back to the booth and a few minutes later I looked back and she was gone! I hope Eunice's new owner likes her as much as I did.


Carol E. said...

great toy, bl! i made a toy drop in philadelphia where i am right now. after a while i saw the family find it, and got a picture of the little girl with mytoy under her arm.... surreptitiously, of course. it was a thrill! it isnt posted yet as i am here at a conference and will have to get home and take care of all that.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

I still think the toy society is such a great thing!