Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Next Generation of Quilters

Last week we had a lively bunch of quilters in the classroom. For three days they giggled, sang, questioned...oh, and they sewed! Five young ladies, the next generation of quilters. Kid's Camp was in full swing. Here they are on day three with their cell phone totes. Styling!

Busy sewing their rag quilts...everyone a winner, everyone beautiful....each of them finished. One of the girls came with her own sewing machine, purchased with her own money just a month or so ago. This is her 4th Kids Camp and she says she has a lifetime of sewing ahead of her.
Emma at the ironing board.
Some of these ladies had been to classes before, one not, but they all did well. Miss Sydney was at pre-school these days, but arrived in time each day to say hello, offer a hug and ooh and ahh.
Next Kid's Camp will probably be Thanksgiving Week.


Christine Thomas said...

I want to come to Kids' Camp. I bet it is so refreshing to see these young, enthusiastic faces who are so eager to learn and soak up everything.

Beka and Jason Haché said...

Hopefully, when they are older, my kids will come to camp!

Tanya said...

That is so great!!! What are some of the other things you have made or are going to make with these girls? I am sort of running out of ideas... Of course I just make things that I've enjoyed making myself and that take an hour or a little more... Don't suppose you are going to do a cell phone tutorial?