Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Two Quilt Market 2009

Day Two: Liz and I had only scheduled one appointment at Quilt Market for Saturday....or so we thought! We just "happened" to be looking at the Michael Miller Booth at 10 am and found out from our Sales Rep that we were right on time for our appointment! So we looked at all they had to offer and guess what? We will be getting the Roaming Gnome...he's in Paris, Rome, Moscow and all over the globe.

We looked at fabric, patterns and books and more, but today we met people.....old friends, new friends and all people who love quilting.
Here I am with Ricky Timms, the Quilting Cowboy, author of "Convergence Quilts" and a concert pianist.

I walked down one aisle and heard my name good friend, Beth Ferrier, author of "Hand Applique by Machine" and NEW book just out "More Hand Applique by Machine." Beth came to Eureka several years ago and stayed with me.

Liz and I were perusing booths when we saw Jay McCarroll....and did a double-take. Congrats to Jay, he's lost a LOT of weight. ('s on the QT but he'll be starring in a reality show in Feb. called "Celebrity Fit Club.") Jay was the winner of the first "Project Runway" TV Show and we met him last year and were impressed at what a nice guy he is. Lots of fun, too. After Quilt Market Jay's Pennsylvania family will be joining him in his new home in LA and then driving up the coast to Seattle. We asked him to stop in Eureka and it's fairly probable that he will stop into Scottie Dog Quilts. Now wouldn't THAT be fun!
Me & My Sister is a great pattern design team...two sisters we have enjoyed a lot over the years. In their booth they had these photo opp boards. What do you think of us?

And last, but not least, here are Mr. Scottie Dog and I with the elusive Gnome. More tomorrow! Check out Liz's Blog while you are at it! She'll have more pictures and chit chat about Market.


katie said...

Hmmm, first Mr. Scottie Dog in a cowboy hat, then Ricky Tims-- never knew you had a thing for cowboys! I love the reports from Quilt Market--looks like you are having fun! Can't wait to see all the new stuff!

Bonnie said...

Woot, wooh! That's me whistling at you and Liz in the Me and My Sisters photo op ;-)

TnT said...

Great pictures Brenda!!! I love that you do such a good job with your blog. It inspires me!