Monday, October 5, 2009

The Poky Little Puppy

I'm sure every Baby Boomer has read at least one Little Golden Book in their life. I loved these little books with their cardboard covers, cute stories and artwork. The Poky Little Puppy was one of the twelve original stories published as Little Golden Books by Simon & Shuster in 1942. They originally sold for 25 cents. It is still a good seller. Since I love books, I made sure I read this one to my girls when they were little and now my grandchildren are enthralled.

And so now Quilting Treasures has produced fabric with our friend, Poky on it. Nostalgia has it's appeal for all of us.

At Scottie Dog Quilts we have several prints for sale.....

Of course there's Poky and friends playing on a grassy field.

We have this wonderful gold print....look familiar? Of course it's the same as the inside covers of every Little Golden Book.

There is even a soft book you can put together for a little one in your life.....title? Of course it's The Poky Little Puppy! I've got to make one of these. The last time I made a soft book instead of using batting between the pages I used fusible interfacing and it worked well....easy to turn pages but not so bulky.

Last, but not least we have this lovely yellow print with lots of the Little Golden Book stars....Saggy Baggy Elephant, Tootle, The Little Red Hen, Sky Kitten and more.
I'm off to sew!

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Beka and Jason Haché said...

so cute!!!! and very nostalgic!