Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday is Seafood Night

Sunday at the Scottie Dog House is usually seafood. We live on the Northern California Coast, where there is always an abundance of fresh (and I mean REALLY fresh) seafood. Mr. Scottie Dog and I enjoy most fish and shellfish....I suppose there is a lot we've never tried.....octopus, whale blubber, giant conch, etc. But what we HAVE tried we've been pretty happy with. So Sundays we usually buy some fresh fish at WinCo. Last week was Wild Salmon steaks and scallops. We are privileged to have a JenAire grill cook top so most all proteins are grilled at our house. We've done catfish and snapper and cod and sand dabs and more. Today we never made it to the store so we grabbed some small prawns out of the freezer.

Here's my salad pepper, cucumber slices, pickled cauliflower, chopped romaine and some couscous & shredded Parmesan cheese with South Beach ranch dressing. Oh yes, a couple of Sonoma Jacks' brand garlic & herb cheese wedges. I hadn't thought to photograph it until I was grinding the black pepper on top.

I don't know how interesting this is, but it's a typical Scottie Dog House dinner.....salad with something grilled on top.

It was good! What did you have for dinner?


Carol said...

FRESH seafood is about the only thing I miss about California. As students at Humbolt State, we had very little money, but were able to have quality seafood every day. We fished for both sea and freshwater fish, dug clams and bought whole crabs for 50 cents as the boats came in to the docks in Eureka. Trying to get my husband back to living off the land here in Oklahoma. We have 112 acres of forested land that we live on, with turkey, deer, wild pigs, ducks, and more shoreline than any state in the union. Surprised? We even have trout here.
Okay, so we also have hellishly hot humid summers and tornados, but the other 6 months are wonderful.

Bonnie said...

Unfortunately I do not like fish. I've tried it over and over prepared many different ways and it is nauseating to me. My grandmother hated fish. I wonder if our affinity for tastes can be passed on genetically? We had spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread.

Anonymous said...

Your meal looks and sounds wonderful. We just had "Sizzler" after church last night. Would have much rather had yours.


Beka and Jason Haché said...

looks so yummy!!!
We roasted a whole chicken in the oven for dinner, something I've only done a few times! :-) We made some stuffing, corn and mashed potatoes: A Canadian Thanksgiving a week early!

Christine said...

My husband roasted a whole chicken in the oven, too, for the first time in years. Baked potato and a new cabbage salad recipe. It was all good.

Tanya said...

Yummm. Does that ever look good! I would eat more salads if they looked like this!! Mine are always so boring. And I've even got the seafood but never thought of puttingit into salad!

lesthook said...

That looks so good!