Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rickstrew Ranch

We had planned a day trip at the end of Quilt Market to Galveston. We hadn't been there since Hurricane Ike and wanted to see how rebuilding was taking place and to have a seafood dinner to help the local economy. Galveston is about 45 minutes from Houston and I have never seen the lay of the land between these two cities as I have slept in the car each way every single time we've gone!

We had an early morning meeting Monday with some of my quilt shop owner friends and then decided not to go to Galveston but to drive to our friends' grass farm (Bermuda grass...not pot!) in Floresville near San Antonio...only 3 1/2 hours away! We made it in time to meet Tommy & Tracy Rickstrew (and Big Tom & Linda) with the kidlinks Riley & baby Abram at a little Mexican Restaurant. Linda knew how to order...a kid's enchilada plate for me was more than enough! We were hardly out of the car in the parking lot and 3 year-old Riley latched on to me...I got my Grandma fix that day! He snuggled up to me and pulled up a chair so he could sit next to me at the table. He wanted to share his chips with me and play cars & airplanes at the table.

Mr. Scottie Dog and Tommy have been buds ever since Tommy worked for him in Eureka. They didn't stop talking once while we were there but got right to changing the oil on a truck, riding around the property....I think Mr. Dog was quite envious and would love to be working the ranch too!

The farm is an idyllic place---at least the day we were there was warm & muggy but not really hot. The landscape was all greens, we saw lots of cattle and little goat herds before we actually arrived on the large ranch. There is a charming little creek and a pond. Tommy & Tracy have a vegetable & herb garden right outside their door.

Riley can ride a two-wheeler like the wind and stopped only for a second to pose with me. Some how I didn't get a shot of Baby Abram or Tracy, but we got in some great snuggles and conversation. We went up to the Big House and toured Linda's Sewing Room.....I'm envious! It is a wonderfully large space on the 2nd floor and filled with natural light. Tracy has a corner too and Liz showed her how to paper piece.
Big Tom gave Liz the tour of the land and she learned all about grass farming. She even got to drive the tractor around the yard!
Next year I want to go a couple of days early to Market and spend a day or two helping out on the ranch.....well, I can cook pretty well and I could hold a Quilting Lesson for the ladies! Oh, and I could again get a Grandma fix!
One last picture.................even the bugs on the car are bigger in Texas!


laurajane sutter said...

i am so happy you got to visit t&t, r&a! Riley is particular friends with Kevin so he will be happy to see this post!

I can just imagine how happy Mr SD would be to play on that ranch!

TnT said...

LOVE IT! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!! You got great pictures. Yes, please do come next year and cook and sew and quilt and hang around... Riley asked me yesterday "when is Mrs. Brenda Scottie Dog coming back?" He's knows a loving grandma when he sees one!! And anytime you want to send Bill out here to keep him buys...we've got LOTS of work for him to do.