Friday, February 18, 2011

100 Day

100, One Hundred. Last week I heard about a friend of Sydney's needing to cut some stars on our AccuCut machine. Her mom came in with fabrics and cut out 100 star shapes. Wow! I thought 100 stars. Being the nosey woman I am, I asked why they needed 100 star shapes. Larissa explained it was for 100 Day at School. I hadn't heard about that but she made a garland out of all the stars by tacking them to a (long) length of ribbon. Larissa later mentioned that the teacher had asked to keep it up in the classroom. Sounded cute to me. With that, I put all thoughts of 100 Day out of my mind.

Enter this week when daughter Liz told me that Sydney was making a chain of beads....100 beads for 100 Day. What in the heck is "100 Day?" Turns out it is the 100th Day of School. I guess since my girls were young there is now celebrated in most schools around the country: "100 Days of School." Just Google 100 Days of School and you'll get tons of lesson plans, ideas of how to help kids visualize 100 of any thing (jelly beans, marshmallows, leaves, rocks, candies, etc). Sydney's chain of beads had a "special" bead at every 10 beads. Here is a pic of Sydney on 100 Day.
Times have certainly changed....Sydney is in Kindergarten. She has learned to read, write, count and understand numbers, simple addition, count by 2's, 5's, & 10's. She has learned to tell time on an analog (dial) clock. She has an understanding about the Civil Rights movement, the names of many of the Presidents and what they accomplished and so very much more. Most of these things I didn't learn until 1st, 2nd or 3rd grades!

I'm glad I'm not in school today. I enjoyed being a kid and playing with dolls until I was 10 or so. But what a wonderful thing to actually teach children young while their brains are just asking for knowledge. At my time of life I can't seem to remember much of anything anymore.

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Tanya said...

They don't do this in Japan but I remember when my son (now 26) was in a MONTH of American kindergarten he got to do 100 Days too. And they had the same 100 eyeglasses that Sydney's wearing!