Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This week these days were filled! Thursday my local Quilt Guild, REQG held it's February meeting. The program was our Basket Auction. I don't know how many baskets there were, but there were lots! All proceeds were to bring National Teachers to Eureka. Here's Maggie with three of the baskets.
This next picture is of not only a fantastic basket, but a lively quilt waiting for Show and Tell! The basket was from the Wednesday Group....a quilting group of ladies that have been meeting for at least 25 years. The theme of their basket is obvious: LEMONS! Lemon Curd, lemon lotion, lemon fabrics, lemon pot holders, lemon tea, lemon soda, even lemon scented dish soap! So much more. I was impressed that everyone contributed a lemon recipe too! Leta's Lemon Meringue Pie was included. Whatever the last bid on this basket was, I'm sure Leta's recipe was worth it!
Here's our contribution: An Amy Butler box. It included some Amy Butler patterns, Amy Butler stationery notes, Amy Butler software, Amy Butler Fat Quarters, Amy Butler scented Soak and more....a Redwood Sewing Center gift certificate too!Liz and I couldn't stay until the end of guild, so we didn't' see who won the baskets, but they were wonderful and for a worthy cause.
Friday morning I went to the pool for my Aqua Aerobics class and boy, did we have a workout! I was bushed. At 3 pm I picked up Sydney and back to the pool for Sydney's first swim lesson from Grandma. Quite tentative at first, she was finally having fun and off to the deeper end as we ended our 1 1/2 hour time. We'll go back on Monday and see how far we get.
As usual, Friday night is date night around our house and Mr. Scottie Dog took me to dinner. Afterwards we came home and I was asleep within half an hour....all that swimming had me tuckered out!
Today (Saturday) I was at the store bright and early. Katie taught a Heather Bailey Pattern called Smartie Girl Book Bag.It was fun to see all the gals as their bags progressed. Here they are at the end of the day (minus Judy...she went home a few minutes early!)
Back Row: Katie, Donna, Cathie, Connie, Susan. Front Row: Margie & Geri. Aren't their bags wonderful!
Picked up Sydney after work. She's spending the night. Ahhh.....


Terri said...

I especially love the black and white bags!

Tanya said...

Yes, all that swimming is supposed to be good exercise. I'm bushed too! And not really being able to tell if the swimming is working. (I get hungry too and eat more! Rats.)

Boy, does that book bag look like fun!