Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Week

This past week was Willie's Birthday. Willie (Willa Mae) is my stepmother. But somehow it's hard to call her that since she only came into my life in 2004 when she married my dad. Dad had known her in High School and reconnected with her after my Mom passed away. And Stepmother has such nasty connotations. Willie isn't nasty in any way. She fun, funny, pretty, interested in lots of things, does lovely cross stitch work and made my Dad's last years incredibly happy. I love her for all those things. Willie and Dad, Christmas 2008
The night before Willie's birthday I got a call from my brother to tell me that Willie had cancer. She'd just heard from the doctor that she has CLL or Chronic Lymphcocytic Leukemia. Bad news is she has to go through a round of very low dose chemo (she won't be sick or lose her hair). Good news is that it is so very slow moving that she'll die of natural causes years and years before it could cause a problem. I chatted with her on her birthday and she seems upbeat. So please say a prayer for Willie...I love her so.
Friday it was my youngest granddaughter Shiloh's First Birthday.I haven't seen any birthday pics yet so here's a favorite one of mine from November. Mr. Scottie Dog and I sang Happy Birthday via SKYPE. Friday was a bittersweet day. Shiloh's first birthday and the first anniversary of my beloved Dad's passing. The circle of life. Daddy knew all about his latest great-granddaughter and had remarked how much he liked her name.

Our cruise is coming up. Two more weeks and we'll be on the road to So. CA to embark on our Mexican Quilting Cruise. It's countdown time. Cut and package up the Quilt Kits (check) (Liz did 90% of the work on these). Get my hair cut (Check), get the suitcases from the attic and pack (to do), chose clothes for the cruise (check) (whew! they all fit!). Still need to make an appointment for a pedicure (I'm going to be wearing sandals!). Picked up sandals from shoe repair guy (check!). Still need to finish name badge holders for those who are sewing with us (I am 80% done with these). Here are a few of the completed ones. There is a pocket under the flap to tuck a little something inside and a clear vinyl pouch for the names. These will be worn around the neck in the sewing room on our cruise. I need to make a few more. Each one is different.

It was supposed to rain today but the weather is gloriously wonderful! The sun is shining, the daffodils are ready to burst into bloom and some of the azaleas are blooming. The rain is now holding off until Monday. Happy Weekend to you!

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I love that you're from Eureka! What fun! I'd love to be from a cool sounding place like that.
Cute name tags. Love that idea!