Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day and a Birthday

Father's Day this year fell on Mr. Scottie Dog's birthday.  The long weekend also began on Liz and Steve's 10th wedding anniversary.  So Mr. Dog and I packed up the trailer, drove about 35 miles south east to one of our favorite campgrounds: Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park.  We swam in the creek, made new friends, saw a lot of wildlife.  Sydney and I made a berry cobbler for Mr. Scottie Dog's birthday (how old is he?  He'll be signing up for MediCare before the year is out!), we roasted marshmallows, went on hikes, read books and.....rested.  

Even the fallen trees are big!

Sydney and the birthday boy.
A deer in the middle of the campground.  He didn't know he should be afraid of people yet.
Yep, in Northern California the trees grow tall!

Hiking in the Redwood Forest.

Here's our trailer nestled between the giants.  Notice that we don't really rough it.  Some people call it "glamping"! That's short for Glamour Camping. I'm just happy for a shower.

While Sydney and Grandpa were off on their own one day, I had a big thrill.  I heard what I thought was a bunch of people wading/running in the creek below our camp site.  Since it was an area quite far removed from the swimming area I got up to look.  I saw a family of at least 8 otter swimming and playing in the creek.  I was able to watch them and hear them chatter for about 10 minutes before they swam back upstream.

It was a grand time.  Now we're back home and back to work, grateful for a bit of "re"-creation time in the beautiful country we live in.

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Tanya said...

How wonderful to be able to enjoy nature like that! I love the picture of Sydney in the midst of the redwood trees!