Tuesday, June 25, 2013

There's a baby coming!

In five or six weeks we're going to have a new grandson.  I've been working on a quilt for this new Prince but it's not ready to be shown yet.  This week I've been working on burp cloths.  Every baby needs burp cloths....to, well, to burp on.  And to wipe up urp from the couch, from Mom's shoulder, the floor or table.  They are useful to keep baby's chest a little warmer when a cool breeze comes up and to keep the sun from the little one's head.  They can double up as a diaper in a pinch or a blankie if needed. Way too many uses to write here.  I've actually made six of them for this little guy.  His older siblings all had burp clothes from Grammy and a few of them will still be floating around but every baby needs new ones too.  They are made of flannel and a few of them are good 'ole Sock Monkey.  The red is redder in real life than this photo shows and the orange is richer too.  Thought you'd like to see them.

Baby is coming in five or six weeks, Grammy will be there in four weeks.....can't wait to welcome a new member of our family.

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