Friday, April 11, 2008

A Day Off

It's Friday. My Day Off! I slept in until 9:30 am. It's my one luxury. I don't think I was able to take the last two Fridays off so this morning I lazed in bed. If you know anything about the Quilt Shop Biz, you'll know that we don't often have a real Day Off. At some point, after the laundry, the dishes and after the grocery shopping (we have absolutely no fresh vegetables in the house except potatoes and carrots both of which I am not supposed to eat!) I will probably stop at the store....then I'll probably spend and hour or two there.

I've already spent two hours at the computer reading and answering business emails, writing and sending the Scottie Dog Quilts Gazette, our shop newsletter (if you'd like to receive it, be sure to let me know). Then I ordered some patterns and fabric on-line.

First off this morning, I spent some time on Skype---with a web cam(era) I can talk and see my Minnesota kids. I chatted with my daughter, Beka, who complained they got a bunch of snow again this week and my 2 year old grandson, Jakob. Jakob finished up with, "Lub you, Grandma, Lub you bubub(Jakob)." His 2 1/2 month old sister, Mercedes was asleep. She does that well! She's a cutie and rumor has it that the Hache Family may be out to CA for a visit in a few weeks. Stay tuned. Grandma is waiting....

I'll finish my Day Off with dinner with Mr. Scottie Dog, aka husband Bill. We've been celebrating Friday Night Date Night for at least 30 years. In a few months we'll be married 37 years. Now let's see....I was 6 when I got married, right?

My Day I got one.