Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot Dog!

I don't go to work until about 4 pm on Mondays because I do computer work at home and then teach a class until about 9:30 pm. Mondays I do various errands. "Want to go to CostCo with me?" I asked my daughter Liz. So we made plans. A trip to CostCo is usually made with lunch in mind. Where else can you get a meal for $1.50? A Hebrew National Polish Dog with all the trimmings AND a large soda! Um, um good! Once a month or so, I go off my South Beach Diet and have a hot dog and BUN. A white flour bun! I tell myself it's just once a month. Of course, I added sauerkraut to mine. Sydney is a purist...just ketchup, Grandma! Liz likes mustard, ketchup and relish. The dogs are so big we have to cut them lengthwise for her....choking hazard, you know. In California you learn pretty quickly at preschool what a toddler can and cannot eat....even baby carrots must be sliced twice lengthwise (even the tiny, tiny ones) or the preschool teacher must take them away. No popcorn, no baby cherry tomatoes (unless sliced) and so on.

At Costco we sat next to a lady who asked about quilting. She hand quilted something many years ago and was amazed not only is it alright to use a machine now-a-days, but you can pay someone else to machine quilt it without any guilt! I think we'll see her again at the shop soon. Then I saw my friend Laura (remember Laura with the beautiful blue sewing machine?) and hubby. They are back from India for a spell. I turn and see Gary, a friend from Church. His boys went to school with my girls. Just before we finished lunch, Darlene came over and sat with us. I like Darlene. We never get to chat enough. We talked about quilting, about friends (in a nice way, to be sure----no gossip here!), health, yard work and of course about Sydney. Liz saw Mindy, a friend from elementary school with her new baby girl.

Hot Dog! CostCo is the place to meet your friends....the entire county shows up at one time or another.

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Anonymous said...

you are just way to funny to take a picture of your hot dog!! That's why I love hanging out with you and your family! You just never know what to expect!!