Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

My just-turned 3 year-old granddaughter Sydney told me in THAT voice, "Oh Grandma, I'm a BIG Girl! I wear Big Girl panties." I'm certain her mom, Liz, is sure Sydney will never be totally "trained." It's been a long road with lots of well-meaning older Moms giving lots and lots and LOTS of well-meaning advice on Potty Training. But of course, we all know that every child and every situation is different. I had three daughters and they were trained in three differing ways and at three differing ages. Sydney is mostly dry, most of the time. I don't think Liz realized (nor any of the rest of us) that at first WE are the ones who need to be many times do we have to ask them if they have to go many times they'll say no, look up at you and then pee on the floor. But the fact is that nearly all of us went to kindergarten trained (!) and I've never heard of a bride who had to slip into her diaper for her wedding day. Mother's Day is coming and I'll tip my hat to all those young moms who have so much to do each day.
Last night was our local Quilt Guild meeting. We had a fabulous speaker/program. Steve Allbright and his wife collect quilts. She favors the 1930's and he favors an earlier era, about 1840-1890. I think they have more than 200 antique quilts. But what sets the Allbrights apart from some collectors is that they also collect finished quilt tops and blocks. I think he said he has over 1000 antique blocks. When they travel they keep their eyes out for vintage fabrics. Why? Because they form a great team. She takes blocks, stitches them into tops and Steve hand quilts them. I like their dedication to keeping with the time period both in settings and quilting. I've known Steve for many years and when I opened Scottie Dog Quilts he began to come in and buy reproduction fabrics for backings and bindings. Steve's program was fabulous. It's been 4 years since he's done one for us....I'm hoping he'll consider doing another soon.
At the meeting my daughter Liz volunteered me to be 2nd Vice President. I've held that office for 2 two year terms previously and helped out the current VP. Thanks so much Liz!
Overheard at last night's guild meeting: "Now that I'm a big girl, I can make up my own designs." Hummm, full circle. Toilet training to quilting.....we're always trying to become that BIG GIRL.

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