Thursday, May 22, 2008

Working the Market Floor

Working at Quilt Market is a lot of hard work! Not to mention tired feet, aching backs and even chocolate overload (every booth seems to have a bowl of chocolate out, enticing even the most staunch intentions!). But there is time out for fun! Here we are with Eleanor Burns aka Rosie the Riveter. Eleanor has a new book out called Victory Quilts. As usual it is full of great patterns to make a sampler quilt or several quilts from the blocks provided. There's even a Scottie Dog block! The theme of the book is quilting during World War II and there are glimpses into the lives of those who lived through it. Liz was especially touched by some things Eleanor shared about her parents. Always gracious and upbeat, during her School House presentation Eleanor soon had 200 people up on their feet singing God Bless America!

Lots of familiar faces at Market. Here's a familiar face at the Blank Quilting Fabric booth. None other than Bev Harrison, now of Eugene, OR. Bev is a sales rep for Blank and calls on me regularly. This is just a small peek at the Blank Booth. At Market you can make prior appointments with your sales reps. We would sit at the table and the rep would show us samples of their new fabrics (delivery time is usually months in the future). The Quilts in each booth are to show the fabrics off in quilts. Booths can be very elaborate.

Turquoise and Tangerine---these were the hot new colors as shown here in Sandy Gervais' booth. Sandy is so cute, she even dressed to match her booth. Her couch is from IKEA, just a very short jaunt from the Portland airport. I'd heard that many of the exhibitors had furnished their booths with IKEA. One place rented antiques from a local antique dealer. Sandy Gervais designs fabrics for Moda and you'll be seeing more of her in the future at Scottie Dog Quilts.

More next time.

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Anonymous said...

Could Sandy Gervais be any cuter? She is darling and so are her fabrics!