Saturday, May 3, 2008

Bumbo, anyone?

BUMBO? What is a Bumbo, you ask? Well, this pretty, blue, rubbery item is a Bumbo. OK, so what do you do with a Bumbo? Silly, you set a baby who is able to hold up her head into it and they can sit up in it fully supported. Even as little as 3 months. Mercedes, my Minnesota granddaughter is now 3 months old. She and Jakob (2) will arrive late Monday night with her parents, our daughter Beka & Jason. Waiting for Mercedes is a blue Bumbo.

Yesterday I picked up Sydney from preschool and on the way home asked if we could stop at Target. "Yes, Grandma, we can! What are we going to buy, Grandma?" I told her we would look for a Bumbo. "What's a Bumbo, Grandma?" (I love the way she always says Grandma) "We need a Bumbo for Mercedes." "But I want a Bumbo, Grandma!" I told her that her bum was too big for a Bumbo. "But why, Grandma?" Long story short we found the Bumbos, chose the pretty blue one and then got some trucks and a couple of other things for Jakob. Most of the toys we have at the house are kind of girlish. Doll Houses, baby dolls, etc. He will love the puzzles we have. I promise some pics of all three of the grandkids next week.

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