Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Grateful Threads

Do you belong to a small quilting group? I've been part of a wonderful group of friends for years now. We call ourselves The Grateful Threads. Thread Heads, GT's. We meet Thursday nights. We used to rotate between our homes. I liked that...every several weeks I KNEW I'd get my house cleaned up. For the past seven years, since I opened Scottie Dog Quilts we've met at the store on Thursday nights. There is a class that meets on Thursday nights so I "babysit" the store and we get to do our thing.

What do we do? We used to sew every time. We all brought hand work and were quite productive. Now it's rare that we sew. Oh, I've done a few bindings this year. Bev was crocheting tonight. Lynn has done some buttonholing. But generally we eat dessert (as every quilter knows this is a VERY important part of getting together!), and we chit chat. We've solved the world's problems many time over, we talk about kids, pets and husbands. We laugh together. We worry over parents, siblings, friends and the state of affairs. We share our grief--we've lost parents, friends and children. We share vacation photos (and sometimes we go on vacations together!), birthday dinners--sometimes up to 4 months late....but that's ok, because we're Grateful Threads......Grateful we know each other, Grateful we meet together, Grateful to celebrate together. Who cares how late we celebrate birthdays...we know how to celebrate!

Members have moved out of the area and others have moved into their places. Some, like Bev, moved away 7 years ago, but she now returns every couple of months as she travels through our area on business. Some friends come and go...GT's are my BFF's.


The Hachés said...

friends make our lives so rich!

Carol E. said...

I love it! I have a group like that, too. Five of us ...not quilters (until I can convince them), but we all used to be in the same profession. Now two moved out of the state, but we still attempt to get together as often as possible. We're having a reunion of all five of us in 18 days. I can't wait!