Friday, May 9, 2008

Customer Emails

Yesterday I recieved an email from a savy young Mom. She'd been in for curtain fabric since she painted her kitchen and her old curtains just wouldn't work. She chose some beautiful Amy Butler prints.

Her email read, "I have to just tell you that Mary Ellen's Best Press is the best invention since Spray Baste--I don't think I will ever iron without it again!!"

Both Mary Ellen's Best Press and Sullivan's Spray Baste are products I use so much that sometimes I think everyone knows about them. For years I struggled with that pesky fold down the center of yardage off the bolt. I tried spray starch, steam, drenching the fold with water and then ironing, even washing didn't take it out! Just a light spray of Mary Ellen's Best Press and the fold is gone. The scents are lovely (comes in unscented too!) and I like the crispness it adds to my fabrics.
Sullivan's Basting Spray is by far (in my humble opinion!) the only way to go when you need to baste a quilt, tablerunner, etc. Just a light spray and you don't have to worry about gummy needles or your layers shifting. It is repositional for a period of time if you find a wrinkle too!

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