Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching Up with Family

Here's a few shots from the last week. On Thursday night Liz and I went to the theatre.....we were the only ones there!

Saturday was Liz's birthday. Sydney and I had gone to Target on Friday to get a few things for the party. She insisted on HER favorite party supplies: pointy party hats, funny candles, party napkins & plates and the most important thing for Sydney....A PINATA, of course! There were many pinatas to choose from....a stunning star, a rainbow, butterfly, horses of many colors, Cinderella and more. Sydney was very determined...she knew exactly what she wanted....a blue guitar. We also had to get "lots of candy," toys, lip gloss, glitter pens and more to put inside. Mr. Scottie Dog, Liz, Steve, Syd and I went outside to "do the Pinata." (sounds like a dance!) Sydney swung and hit and hit and hit the pinata, but it didn't break. So Steve took a golf club. One swing and that pinata was history! Candy and stuff all over the neighborhood. It flew over the parked cars.......Sydney was delighted. Then as with our family tradition, Bill played Happy Birthday on the accordion and someone always plays the bass drum. Sydney had practiced the day before and kept very good time.

Today was Sydney's first day back at Pre-School. Of course she had her special dress on, lunch pail ready. After class we interviewed Syd.

Mom: Did you have fun today?
Syd: Yep
Mom: Did you eat lunch?
Syd: Yep
Mom: Did you like your lunch?
Syd: Yep
Mom: Did you know any of the other kids?
Syd: Yep
Mom: Were there any new kids?
Syd: Yep
Mom: You get to go back on Friday.
Syd: Yep
We've never heard her say "Yep" before....but that's all the news we got out of her about Pre-School today.


The Hachés said...

Happy Birthday Liz!!! Too bad your sister wasn't at the party, I'm an experience pinata breaker!


Carol E. said...

I love all your Sydney stories. Great picture in the theater! You're getting to be like me... camera goes everywhere, and everything gets photographed.

Anonymous said...

Too funny :-)

Janine T.