Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Staff Cottage Retreat

What does every quilter enjoy once in awhile? That's right, a Quilting Retreat! The staff at Scottie Dog Quilts is no different. In addition to working together we love to play together, so this past Friday through Monday we enjoyed a "Cottage Retreat." We rented a house in Ferndale, just a few miles away from Eureka...but it was so relaxing it felt as if we were a thousand miles away from home. We stayed at Ferndale's Morningstar Vacation Rental . This is a luxurious Victorian Farmhouse with quilts on the beds, a fully equipped kitchen and so much room we weren't crowded at all. We set up our sewing machines in the Solarium---what a great sunny place it was to sew.
We only prepared 2 meals a day---brunch and dinner but I guarantee you we didn't starve! We teamed up so we each only had one meal to make and clean up so we all felt pampered. There were fresh fruit platters, home baked scones, raspberry pies, quisches, seafood lasagna, chicken & apple sausages, Mexican delicacies & lemon pudding cake. Oh, my! We haven't even begun to talk about the "snacks" everyone brought! I've been told that calories consumed while on retreat don't count......I believe in fairy tales too! The gardens were so lovely...isn't it amazing how just being surrounded by the delicate beauty of flowers can calm you and feed your soul! Sydney was there for parts of our retreat. She and Judy made friends with one of the

horses and fed him our carrots. While in the bath one night Geri gave her a Pasta Drainer to make "Rainforest". Grandma is going to have to get her old drainer out for next time. What a hit.
We closed the store a bit early both Friday and Saturday so we could enjoy our time together. A special thanks to Liz who manned the store on Saturday and planned our Staff Cottage Retreat.

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