Thursday, September 11, 2008

Quilter's Doo Dads

Ok--is the word Doo Dads, Dodads, Doodads? According to Blogger's spell check it's Doodads. According to my dictionary none of the above. According to my computer spell check they suggest: doo doo, dody's, Doody (as in Howdy Doody I suppose).
What I'm talking about are DooDads...little fun this case little fun things I've found lately while shopping for things to carry in my store. One of the best is something I LOVE to smell, but not to taste. I have never aquired the taste for anything coffee...not mocha, nada. BUT I think the aroma is wonderful! So when I found this product at Quilt Market last year we knew we had to have it. Quilter's Coffee. We have one pot bags of Friendship Star Blend, Bears Paw Blend, Flying Goose Blend and more. Wouldn't it be fun to give some to your Caffeine-addicted friends a little gift or stocking stuffer? Or at your next Small Quilt Group gathering to brew a pot of Friendship Star blend?
Best Press is a girl's best friend! This starch alternative gives your fabrics a crispness that helps keep bias edges from stretching, gets out wrinkles---don't you hate that pesky seam down the middle of your fabric? Impossible to get out, right? Not with Best Press. Gone instantly. Comes in a wonderful spray bottle. We do refill the bottle if you want...just doing our best to recycle.

What is a Cotton Picker? You slip your fingers in it and brush it on your clothes----no more threads or pet hair. Works great on People Hair too! I don't know why I nearly always wear black or solid colors. As a Quilter I'm nearly always covered in threads. Tada! The Cotton Picker is a lifesaver.

Those two wooden things are Spool Adapters for those big spools of thread you buy. They make it so the spool doesn't wobble, your bobbin winds fine and dandy.

Last but not least, Grandma's Secret Spot Remover. Let me tell you THIS grandma uses this nearly every day. Let's face it---when I eat I nearly always spill just a little (or a LOT) on my shirt. I have this ....well, understand! So when I come home at night I wet the stain a little, put a drop of Grandma's Secret Spot Remover on the spot and I can't find it after it's been washed. Great for blood, grease, tomato stains, everything I can think of. I know this is a great product since many of you have returned to buy a second and third bottle.


Anonymous said...

How about thingamajigs?

Christine said...

My dad used to say whatchamacallit.

jen duncan said...

I seem to say doos & dads, but whatever you call 'em; I need to get in there for some Best Press and Grandma's Spot Remover!! Maybe I'll pop in tomorrow.