Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Savage, Minnesota

We're here! No pictures today because I need a cord for my camera, but I thought I'd post anyway. Jakob is happily sleeping with his new quilt from Grandma! Sadie happily puts her arms up for me to pick her up. Grandpa is busy with the new bathroom. Demolition is complete and almost all of the supplies are purchased. OOPS! No one thought to measure the door first, but, WHEW! the one piece tub/shower unit will fit through the doorway. Today Mr. Scottie Dog is doing the plumbing and Grandma and Beka might go shopping or visiting.

Jakob and I baked Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies this morning....like Sydney he loves to crack the eggs. I think that Grandmas have more patience when it comes to cooking with the little ones. I don't remember doing it with my own so young. He is sooo very proud of the cookies he made and can't wait for Daddy to come home to try them.

Beka had said the weather was still warm....so I brought mostly Capri pants and short sleeves. Hmmm...weather is more like Eureka, but I'm comfortable. Fall is coming quickly to Minn. I'm hoping to get some sightings of colorful Fall Leaves.

Technology is a funny thing. We are almost ready to debut our new website (don't worry....same address: www.ScottieDogQuilts.com) and Beka (in Minn.) has done most of the prep work. Liz (in Eureka, CA) has been busy the past few days loading in stock (books, patterns, etc.) and I've had the job of writing the staff biographies and other text while I've been here in Minn. Amazing that the three of us can be working on the same thing (often at the same time). The phones have been burning up the airwaves back and forth too.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll have the pictures up. Having a ball with the grandbabies!

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Christine said...

I love your website. So I am especially looking forward to the new site. And grandkids are...grand! Have more fun.