Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the paper again!

Last Friday Sydney and I had a "Gwandma" adventure. We started out at the zoo, one of Syd's favorite places. I knew they were going to start charging for the zoo, but I thought they were going to begin July 1. My plan was to buy a Family Membership to the Zoological Society so we'd be able to visit the Zoo any time we liked. Turns out Friday was the first day for admission charge and we were the first ones at the Zoo!
They gave us free popcorn and pink lemonade so we decided to add one of the Zoo Cafe's fabulous hot dogs to share. "Don't put pickle relish on my half!" an alarmed Sydney must have said 4 or 5 times. She's a purist....ketchup only. We saw the flamingos, the gibbons (who delighted Syd when they "ooohed" back at us when we "ooohed" at them), the spider monkeys were playful and the bears were having so much fun in their pool. We decided to pass on the barnyard petting zoo till next time. I like the fact that the Zoo is set up so you can go for 15 minutes, an hour, an afternoon and it's been a wondrous experience.
Then we went to Target to shop for things for Mama's (Liz) birthday on Saturday and WinCo (food shopping) and to the "Scottie Gog Store" to visit Mama. It was a great day.


The Hachés said...

I think the Newspaper needs to start paying you model fees, they obviously are following you around town because you two are so photogenic!


BrendaLou said...

Yesterday someone mentioned I'm destined for the front page next! They MUST be right.

TnT said...

You are such a good Gwandma. All of your grandchildren are blessed. I love the family musical tradition too for happy birthday. So fun! Thanks for your comments on my page too!