Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Buying Fabric

Today Liz and I were visited by Jan, a sales representative for the EE Schenck Co. EE Schenck Co. is a Fabric Distributor for a vast number of Fabric Companies (RJR, In The Beginning, Blank, Av-Lyn, Benartex, Marcus Brothers and on and on and on).

Some people ask why we don't order directly from these Fabric Companies and the answer is: We do it to save YOU money. For example, if we order Marcus Brothers fabrics and they ship it to us from NJ, it can add up to $1 or more PER YARD to the price you have to pay. Shipping is very expensive. But if we order the very same fabric (for delivery the very same month) from EE Schenck, it ships from Portland, OR and shipping costs is more like 10-15 cents a yard. I don't know about you, but I like to save money! (We DO order directly from several companies....we try to get the best deal for you.)
This process took us several hours to look at all the fabric lines Jan brought. She brings in these huge suitcases (note that was plural: suitcaseS) filled with fabric samples. She also showed us new books, patterns and notions....we found the cutest scissors...

These scissors should be coming in soon! I can't decide which color to get.

It's always tough narrowing down the pile of fabrics in order to bring in the best of the best for Scottie Dog Quilts! Here is just a teaser of a line we bought from Studio E: it is called "Naturology."

There are a lot more pieces to Naturology, but I just put a few of them here for you to get the feel. Liz and I both loved the birds... wrens, robins and humming birds.
Just another chore in the day of a quilt shop owner. We do it all for YOU!


Christine Thomas said...

Beautiful fabric you just showed. What else is there with which to tease us? Thanks for the sneak peek.

jen duncan said...

That really is a pretty fabric line. Seems a good choice for a wedding present quilt I need in October. They have no real color or style choices of their own, so this would just blend nicely no matter what. Thanks for the sneaky peeks!