Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Retreat Weekend

Duck, Duck Goose! is the name of our latest pattern. This is the project our Scottie Dog Mystery Quilting Retreaters made this past weekend. It uses the Quilt in a Day's Small Flying Goose Ruler and is actually a quick and beginner-friendly quilt. Our version is Queen, but there is a smaller size too. Patterns are available now at our store.

Retreats are fun. We have quilters from all over the United States come...many of them over and over again. We have them Spring and Fall. If you'd like to come to the California Redwoods and spend a weekend quilting with us, email us at ScottieDogQuilts@aol.com.

Sandi used her floral border as a starting point with her quilt. The floral had a chocolate background so she went with a deep chocolate brown as the quilt background. Her turquoise accent really popped!

Shari chose a Laurel Birch Cat Border fabric, decided on a solid black background with bright, bright FQ's and look at how great it turned out. She made the throw size.

Ann's quilt was well on it's way to being finished when she discovered a misplaced block. She ripped it out and then posed with her beautiful quilt. Everyone was successful and chose great fabrics. Some people say they don't like working on Mystery Quilts, but we try hard to take the guesswork out of the job of choosing fabrics.

Saturday was a busy day for our family. Eureka was hosting the annual Rhododendron Festival. Every year we've taken Sydney. Since Mom & Grandma were busy at the Retreat, Daddy had to work, Grandpa to the rescue! He parked the pick-up truck along the parade route, set up comfy chairs and the W.A.I.T.I.N.G began. It always seems to take an eternity for a parade to start.
Finally! Fire Truck after Fire Truck led off the parade blaring sirens! Can you tell that Sydney loved the noise!!! She and Grandpa went up to Ft. Humboldt after the parade and rode the steam train. What an exciting day!


jen duncan said...

What a great pattern! I really love the colors you chose for the sample quilt. I'm glad you all had a good time. :-)

BevH said...

I love the pattern too! And I so miss Rhody Days. The parade was always a highlight of spring for me. If I had been at the retreat, I think I would have snuck out for a couple of hours to watch it!

Tanya said...

I love seeing the same quilt with different peoples' color combinations. These are all beautiful!