Monday, May 4, 2009

The bedroom is coming along!

My very talented husband, Mr. Scottie Dog can do most anything....from hemming his pants, painting signs, cooking (tonight we had his famous shrimp & cheese stuffed chicken breasts with Dijon. Umm, umm), building and more. He can make anything, he's the original MaGyver. Bill's spent many months making our house more beautiful, finishing remodel projects and trying his very best to cater to my (sometimes strange) decorating ideas. Here was our bedroom not so many weeks ago.
This first picture is after he did his demolition and realigned the entire ceiling joist system to make the ceiling higher.
After all the sheetrock went up, he painted the ceiling with "vanilla ice cream."
Then the wall color was sprayed on....this picture hasn't really captured the shade of green, but you get the idea.
Isn't this the most beautiful light fixture? I really like it. All the lights are in, the cover plates on. Just the woodwork on the windows and around the doors to do. We are waiting for the carpet to be delivered this week and I changed my mind on the wide wooden shades and got some wonderful sheer fabric (looks like silk!) and a richly textured red/gold/green plaid fabric for cornice boards that will be above the windows. I may be able to get that done this week.
But Saturday night while out to dinner, I told Mr. Scottied Dog how much I missed my Minn. grandbabies. I feel such a calling to be a grandma....deep in my gut I knew I NEEDED to see them and they NEEDED to have Grandma there. Who would have thought that Sunday morning I would have tickets for Minnesota in just a week! I am leaving Tuesday May 12 and will stay until May 28. Yahoo! I'll miss Sydney (Bill too!) but I'll come back. Thanks Mr. Scottie Dog for recognizing what I needed and making it happen.

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liz scott adams said...

It must be where you're standing to take these pictures, but the room looks smaller than it did before which is funny, because it is so much bigger. I'm going to have to come over and see it in person!