Saturday, May 30, 2009

Home Again

I'm home again. Back to Eureka, land of the redwoods, fog, and cool weather year round. While I was in Minnesota we had some hot weather (well into the 90's) and the last day or two were pretty cool with overcast skies and a few raindrops here and there. When I arrived in Eureka who would have thought we'd have a warm sunny day! On Tuesday morning we went down to the photography studio and Grandma had her picture taken with Jakob and Sadies. I'll post them when they come. Sadies wore the dress her Mom Beka made. Bekas first garment. I think it turned out beautifully!

It was so nice to be with Mercedes as she toddled around. She was saying new words every day and such a little mimic.

Jakob kept the garden watered each day...he's all smiles for this picture. I know and admit I'm very prejudiced, but I think I have the cutest grandkids around.

I loved every minute of my visit, but it was time to come home. Mr. Scottie Dog had the house all clean and tidy and he'd done lots of jobs around the house. Liz had worked so many hours to keep the store running. A big thank-you to them both for picking up a lot of my jobs so I could hug and kiss on the grandbabies.

While I was in the Midwest, Mr. Scottie Dog made a planter for the Scottie Dog store. It was made of recycled wood...some of our old floor joists, parts of our girls' tree house that blew down in a past storm and some tongue and groove from somewhere else. I love the "old" look of it. He filled it with dirt and it was waiting for Sydney and I to plant the flowers on Friday. It's going to be Syd's job to keep them watered. We picked fuchias, violas, lobielia, allisym, petunias and more. Come see our flowers grow!

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