Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday Night in the 1950's

Saturday night was fun! Mr. Scottie Dog and I were joined by Liz and Larissa & Lewis for the Arcata Christian School Fundraising dinner: Cruising with the 50's.

Our girls went to Arcata Christian School and we are so proud of the work Principal Ron Wunner has done over the years.

Aren't Larissa & Lewis a cute couple? What was really amazing was one of the parents painted the Coca Cola machine on paper! Yes, that is NOT a real Coke machine in the background. They painted the paper and wrapped it around something!

L&L dressed in the 50's theme as did about 75% of the attendees. I wish we had!

First off, we perused the Silent Auction items....fine art pieces, fabulous baskets filled with themed goodies (Coffee, Gardening, Movie Night), dental checkups, babysitting and lots, lots more.

Made a few bids and on to the Dutch Auction.

This doesn't begin to show the delights of the Dutch Auction. This is where you buy tickets and place them into separate buckets. One ticket will be drawn from a bucket and the ticket holder wins the item. I always put in for hotel get-aways, dinners out at local restaurants and the like. Most of my tickets went into Bounce-a-Palooza passes. You may remember that Sydney loves to go to our local Bounce House. The buckets this year were 50's themed. Kind of cute, don't you think! They had the poodle shirts and blue jeans buckets.

Then came dinner. It was such unbelievable burger bar! These were the biggest burgers I've ever seen...probably about 3/4 lbs. each. Lewis looks pretty had to be to eat these burgers!

(but Lewis is really a teddy bear!)

Then came the entertainment! Several school groups sang the songs of the 50' was so much fun! Then came Mr. Wunner with guitar and he did a wonderful rock and roll medley. Many of the students ran up on stage and danced---apparently it was quite impromptu and so much fun. There were hoola-hoop and bubble gum blowing contests and then dessert: build your own ice cream sundaes.

After dessert the big live auction started. Golf packages, week-long vacation packages, cut and stacked firewood, fine art and QUILTS! Bev Harrision's beautiful black and white Ribbon Stars came up in the Auction before ours.

This was a stunning quilt. Bev will be teaching on the Scottie Dog Quilts Alaskan Quilting Cruise this August. Her girls went to Arcata Christian School with ours and she was the school secretary for many years before they moved to Eugene, OR.
Here is the quilt Liz and I made for the Auction. It is made from All Washed Up's Sparkling Cider Pattern and we made it with Fig Tree's Fig and Plum line of fabrics. We had fun, the school raised a lot of much-needed $$ and our quilt did well.


Carol said...

What fun and how life in Arcata has changed since I went to Humboldt in the late 1960's.

Christine Thomas said...

That was really fun to see, Brenday. It's been 14 years since we've been a part of ACS. Thanks for the little walk down "memory lane."