Saturday, May 23, 2009

Beka's Beautiful Eureka! Quilt

Finished! Beka is not only a willing, but a very able quilting student. I brought with me a pile of Asian fabrics and the pattern "Eureka!" by Maple Island Quilts. She has a two storey wall in her entryway and wanted to make a quilt that would hang most of the year. She already has a couple of seasonal ones, but this one is really something.

First she had to decide which fabrics to use, then she had to learn how to cut free motion curves with a rotary cutter. THEN she had to sew those curves on the sewing machine. Not a beginner's project by any means, but one quick lesson and she took off. There is a lot of design involved with this kind of quilt. No two will ever look the same. I love this quilt.

I'm proud of Beka and her skill and artistic eye. She's got several pieces left over and plans to make some pillows, table runners and more using the curved technique.

Footnote for those who live close enough to Scottie Dog Quilts to take a class......I'm teaching this once or twice in the next quarter. Call the shop for dates & times.


Tanya said...

That certainly is a beautiful quilt! How did she do the curves? You are a grand teacher if a beginning student can make something like this!

laurajane sutter said...

This is so beautiful. Let me know when you have the class! Not surprised Beka did it quick..quilting is in the family genetics.

Carol E. said...

Did she add those outside pieces? It's beautifully done!

BrendaLou said...

Carol, The outside "border' is on the pattern, but since you control the curves, it's Beka's design. It is a beautiful quilt.